Kamco Professional Power Flushing Pumps & Descaling Equipment
Kamco - 2 year parts and labour warranty
Kamco - 2 year parts and labour warranty
2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty*  
*PLEASE NOTE: The Kamco 2 Year Parts & Labour Warranty covers the Clearflow Range of Power Flushing Pump and is valid in the  UK only. The Scalebreaker range of Descaling Pumps and the CombiMag range of magnetic filters are covered by a 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty.           


for Kamco Clearflow Power Flushing Pumps

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All Kamco pumps are tested at point of manufacture in Kamco's own works in St Albans, to ensure each unit performs to expected standards.

All Kamco Clearflow Power Flushing Pumps are guaranteed against faulty materials or workmanship for 24 months from the date of purchase, and the guarantee will be validated by the completion and return of the 'guarantee card' supplied with the pump, or registration via the Kamco Website. Should defects due to faulty material or workmanship develop within 24 months the Company will repair, or at its own option replace, any defective mechanical or electrical part thereof, if the pump is returned, carriage paid, to the Company.

Any replacement parts used will be new and warranted for the remainder of the original warranty, or thirty days from the date of shipment of such parts, whichever is the longer.

This is a UK warranty, separate conditions apply to exported pumps and descaling pumps. Warranties are not transferable.

If it is thought that a pump is not working it is important to test it disconnected from the heating system to ensure that any problem experienced is a pump issue rather than an issue with the heating system. Before contacting Kamco please undertake the test detailed on 'page E.2' of the manual to eliminate potential problems.

When contacting Kamco please have available:
1. Model type, and serial number (on switch box).
2. Clear and concise details of the fault

Any warranty claim must be reported direct to Kamco, and cannot be authorised by anyone other than Kamco.

When a warranty claim is valid Kamco will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the defective parts, including labour required to complete the work. This will include shipping the unit back to the client.

The warranty remains valid providing the unit has not been serviced, repaired, taken apart or tampered with by any person not authorised by Kamco.

Faults caused by misuse, neglect, careless handling or incorrect use.
Physical damage.
Defects arising from incorrect application, use with water containing debris or material not normally found within heating systems, or with chemicals other than water based ones.
Faults caused by connection to an unsuitable electricity supply.
Failure as a result of fair wear and tear.
Damage caused by running the pump at sustained temperatures above 75°C.
Damage caused by freezing.
The cost of removing, returning, and refitting the pump, or any secondary losses arising from the failure.

In the event a pump is returned to Kamco during the warranty period, and no fault or performance problem is found, or the problem is found not to be valid under the terms of the warranty, then all work and transportation costs will be chargeable. In this instance the client will be informed, and approvals sought, before any repairs are carried out.

We strongly advise all users to familiarise themselves with the operating instructions on the correct and safe use of the equipment. Flush the unit through with clean water after use, and empty the tank and hoses of water. Store the unit in a dry, frost free location. Safeguard against bottle caps, security seals, and other objects falling into the tank when pouring chemicals though the filler cap.

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