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  • Magnetic power flushing filter
  • Developed to rapidly remove circulating black iron oxide contamination from the flushing water, using a rare earth magnet to attract magnetic iron oxides from the water flow.
CombiMag Dual Digital
  • Magnetic power flushing filter with digitally controlled heater
  • CombiMag high power magnetic power flushing filter plus CombiHeat integral heater for use when system boilers are not functional, in one compact unit.
CombiMag Split Twin
  • Twin magnetic power flushing filters
  • Developed from the standard CombiMag for use on commercial heating systems, in conjunction with the Clearflow CF90 or CF210 power flushing pumps.
CP2 Pump Head Adapter
  • Quick connection of flushing pump into heating system
SystemSure IK6 Injector
  • Injects heating system chemicals directly into water flow
Radhammer Vibrator
  • For loosening debris in radiators
    (used with SDS drill)
Electronic pH Meter
  • For checking heating system water and descaling chemical pH
Electronic TDS Meter
  • Demonstrates system cleanliness and check chemical strength
Water Turbidity Tube
  • Visual test to check turbidity/clarity of water
Infra-Red Thermometer
  • Laser spot thermometer for checking radiator temperature
Plate Heat Exchanger Adapters
  • Adapter set for descaling and desludging heat exchangers
Pipestopper Plugs
  • Convenient and fast method to blank off expansion and cold feed pipe work
Water Analysis Kit
  • For testing the water quality of central heating systems
  • For testing strength of anti-freeze solutions within systems
pH Paper
  • For checking heating system water and descaling chemical pH
Completion Certificates
  • Professional documentation to leave with customers
Promotional Leaflets
  • Leaflets to explain power flushing and its benefits to customers