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Turbidity Tube

Turbidity and suspended solids testing: visual test for water clarity

The Turbidity Tube is designed to gauge the level of suspended solids present within heating system water.

It is useful not only to demonstrate the level of clarity and contamination to you and your customer, but also as a comparative tool to monitor that the discharge (dump) water is successfully clearing during the power flushing process.

Additionally the cylinder can be used for accurately measuring volumes of liquid, such as inhibitor. The cylinder holds 250ml and is marked in 2ml graduations.

Turbidity tube


Equipment required:

  • Kamco Turbidity Tube
  • White card
  • Jug or beaker - circa 1 litre. (Use the container cap as a measuring jug)
  • Test procedure:

  • Hold the cylinder vertically over a white surface and view downwards.
  • Use the jug to collect a free flowing water sample from the dump hose.
  • Without delay (to avoid settlement of particulate matter) slowly pour the contents of the jug into the turbidity cylinder whilst looking down the column of water from above. Stop as soon as the black rings cannot be seen and take a reading at the top of the water column.
  • Continue dumping until the reading is above the “Kamco pass mark”, and the black 'O' rings can still be seen.
  • Important:

  • Always use in a well lit room.
  • Wash thoroughly before and after use.
  • Do not hold the cylinder whilst taking readings as this affects the amount of light entering the cylinder.
  • Note: Although a turbidity test is a useful means of checking the clarity, it is essential to also test the pH of the system water prior to disconnecting the power flushing pump.

    This equipment measures only ‘suspended solids’. Accurate comparative ‘total dissolved solids’ (TDS) readings can be taken with an electronic TDS meter.

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