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CombiMag high power magnetic power flushing filter plus CombiHeat integral heater for use when system boilers are not functional, in one compact unit.

CombiMag module:

The CombiMag powerflush filter quickly removes circulating black iron oxide contamination from the flushing water, using the power of a rare earth magnet to snatch the debris from the water flow.

The CombiMag Dual unit is installed between the power flushing pump and the heating system. The cyclone construction of the magnet chamber directs contaminated water through a powerful magnetic field. Even the smallest of particles are retained on the magnet. Debris which may lead to blockages in small bore pipe work, is prevented from reentering system.

The rapid removal of debris prevents saturation of the cleaning solution with black sludge, leading to a more effective power flush, reducing heating costs resulting in a more efficient heating system.

The time savings on each power flush when using a CombiMag will rapidly cover its cost, reducing the job time, and disruption forhouseholders.

Debris retained on the magnet is an impressive visual aid. It demonstrates to householders the need for the power flush, and proves that the clean has been professionally carried out.

CombiHeat module:

During the chemical application stage of a power flush it is beneficial for the water to be warm, ideally around 50°C.

Input of heat enhances the performance of flushing chemicals, and reduces the time taken for a power flush.

If operational, the central heating boiler should ideally be used, but if a non-functional boiler is being replaced, this may not be possible.

Additionally, when installing a new boiler to an existing system, it is not advisable to leave the power flush until the new boiler is operational, because of the risk of contaminating it with debris from the old system, thus invalidating the boiler warranty.

In situations where the boiler cannot be fired, the CombiHeat can be used to raise the water temperature higher than ambient.

The CombiHeat is particularly useful when applying heat specifically to one or two problem radiators when normal power flushing has failed to remove heavy, adhesive deposits.

The corrosion resistant element enables the CombiHeat to be used with all power flushing chemicals.

CombiMag Dual power flushing filter & heater

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Magnet cleaningCleaning your magnet:

Want to know how to clean your CombiMag magnet more quickly and effectively?

Next time you finish a roll of PTFE tape, keep the empty reel. Slide it up the length of your CombiMag magnet as far as it will go before you start power flushing. When you need to clean the magnet, remove it from its chamber and slide the empty PTFE reel down the magnet. It will push the black debris ahead of it and leave the magnet much cleaner than simply grasping the magnet with a disposable glove.