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Some heating systems can be susceptible to noise problems as a result of baked-on corrosion and limescale deposits on boiler heat exchangers.

Whilst power flushing may cure this, on some systems it may be an ongoing problem. The addition of one litre of SYSTEM-HUSH, together with SYSTEMSAFE-DM, is recommended to cleanse the heat exchanger during normal system operation. SYSTEM-HUSH may be left in the system without draining.

SYSTEM-HUSH works at a near neutral pH, taking rust, corrosion and light scale deposits into solution, without formation of particulate matter to cause blockages and damage pumps. Boiler heat transfer surfaces are left clean, restoring efficiency, and boiler noises are eliminated.

SYSTEM-HUSH may be used with all metals commonly used in heating systems, including ferrous metals, brass, copper, aluminium and galvanised steel. It does not cause deterioration of metallic or non-metallic components when used as recommended, enabling it to be used on older systems which may be in too poor a condition for aggressive descaling chemicals.

The self-neutralising and passivating properties of SYSTEM-HUSH remove the need for time consuming flushing procedures after use, and metal surfaces are left clean and corrosion free

System-Hush boiler noise silencer


Application & usage:

One litre of SYSTEM-HUSH (or 500ml of SYSTEM-HUSH CONCENTRATE) is sufficient to treat a typical central heating system of 100 litres capacity (approx 10/12 radiators).

If the system water is very dirty and heavily discoloured (indicating the presence of sludge and large quantities of black iron oxide corrosion deposits throughout the heating system), first drain and flush the system with HYPER-FLUSH flushing treatment.

To ensure that all SYSTEM-HUSH enters the system, add to the feed and expansion tank after isolating water supply and draining off 15 litres (3 gallons) of water. Allow the system to refill. Alternatively, the SYSTEM-HUSH may be injected directly into a radiator using a SYSTEMSURE Injector.

The heating system should be operated normally while the SYSTEM-HUSH is working, which may take 2-3 weeks for full effect. SYSTEM-HUSH may be left in the heating system after the cleaning process. It is not necessary to drain and refill after treatment, although the operator may wish to do so if the system water in the feed and expansion tank is still heavily discoloured by corrosion residues in the radiator and pipes.

In either case, SYSTEMSAFE-DM scale and corrosion inhibitor should be added to the system after the operation to prevent further scaling or corrosion.

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Available in:


  • Cartons of 12x500ml (BSH007)
  • 10 litre drum (BSH008)
  • Original Formula

  • Cartons of 12x1 litres (BSH002)