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Quick Guide to Power Flushing central heating systems

1. If system is vented, cap off the cold feed & expansion tank

2. Couple CLEARFLOW pump into system. Connect dump, water inlet and overflow hoses to CLEARFLOW pump.

3. Open all radiator and lock-shield valves, and set zone valves to manual position for full flow throughout system.

4. Switch on CLEARFLOW pump and circulate for 10 minutes, reversing flow regularly.

5. Start dumping. Adjust inlet water to ensure tank level remains constant. Allow to run until dump water is clear.

6. Set CLEARFLOW pump into circulation mode, with full flow through whole system (all radiator valves open).

7. Pour 2.5 litres of POWER FLUSH FX2* into CLEARFLOW tank. (*Not suitable for systems containing aluminium. Use Hyper-Flush and refer to full instructions for flushing procedure).

8. If possible, switch on boiler to heat water to 50°C. Don't leave boiler firing continuously.

9. Continue circulation through wide open system for 15 minutes, reversing flow regularly.

10. Shut off all radiator valves except for one radiator. Allow full flow through this one radiator for 5 minutes, reversing flow regularly.

11. Shut off first radiator and move to second. Work around system, putting full flow through each radiator in turn.

12. After circulating through last radiator, switch to dumping on that one radiator until water runs clear. Close radiator, trapping clean water inside.

13. Now dump on the same radiator in the opposite direction until water runs clear. Close the radiator trapping the fresh water inside.

14. Open up previous radiator and dump on that until water runs clear. Work around system in reverse, dumping through each individual radiator in turn.

15. Restore circulation through CLEARFLOW pump and complete heating system (all radiator valves open).

16. If using an acidic flushing chemical (e.g. Power Flush FX2), add 100gm NEUTRALISING CRYSTALS to the tank and circulate for 10 minutes.

17. Commence final dump procedure with all radiators wide open. Allow to run until dump water is clear.

18. Test that dump water is neutral, with pH paper, and add SYSTEMSAFE-DM inhibitor to CLEARFLOW tank.

19. Circulate for ten minutes before disconnecting CLEARFLOW, restoring system to normal operation, and bleeding radiators.