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Promotional Leaflets

Explain power flushing to your customers.

Kamco promotional leaflets are dual purpose and intended for use by heating engineers to promote their power flushing expertise to customers, as well as briefly explaining the benefits of power flushing, the type of problems that can be cured, and the actual procedure itself.

If the decision maker is not at home when you advise that a power flush is needed, then one of these leaflets left for that person to read later should prove very effective.

The leaflets are a handy 1/3 A4 size so that they fit in a standard mail envelope for an economical mail shot for engineers to generate future business.

There are no Kamco contact details, so the recipients have to contact heating engineers directly. To help make this happen, the fourth side has a boxed area for heating engineers to apply their own stamp or label.

The four colour promotional leaflets are available in packs of 200.

Every Kamco power flushing pump comes with a free sample pack of 50 of these leaflets.

Price: £14.00 per pack of 200 leaflets (+VAT/P&P)

Promotional Leaflets