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New and modified heating systems often contain installation debris and residues of solder fluxes, jointing compounds, copper swarf, oil, grease and even casting sand from within boiler heat exchangers.

These undesirable contaminants are often the cause of serious problems within the heating system, but a hot water flush of a heating systems without an effective pre-commission cleaner is unlikely to neutralise and remove them, leading to future heating problems.

Pre-commission cleaning with SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN prevents corrosion and contaminant related problems, and conditions and prepares metallic surfaces for maximum protection by SYSTEMSAFE-DM.

SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN disperses and mobilises dirt and contaminants for effective removal by power flushing, passivates multi-metal surfaces, removes grease and oil fouling and neutralises corrosive flux residues.

SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN may be used with all metals commonly used in heating systems, including ferrous metals, brass, copper, aluminium and galvanised steel.

The near neutral properties of SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN remove the need for neutralising procedures after use.

System Pre-Clean pre-commission cleaner


Application & usage:

1 litre of SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN (or 500ml of SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN CONCENTRATE) is sufficient to treat a typical central heating system of 100 litres capacity (approx. 10/12 radiators). For larger systems, treat at a dosage rate of 1% of system volume.

If the system is new or empty, fill with water after adding the SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN to the feed and expansion tank. In the case of modifications to an existing system, with water present, add SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN to the f & e tank after isolating water supply and draining off 15 litres (3 gallons) of water. Allow system to refill completely.

Alternatively, SYSTEM PRE-CLEAN may be injected directly into a radiator, using a suitable device, e.g. an IK6 injector.

The heating system should be operated for at least an hour, with all radiator and zone valves fully open. It is not necessary that the system be hot during the operation, although temperature will generally improve the efficiency of the operation.

Switch off the pump and boiler, allow the system to drain down as rapidly as possible, preferably through a full-bore drain point, and refill the system completely.

Switch pump on, and circulate water for a further 15 minutes. Open the drain valve and run water to waste at the same time as fresh water enters the system through the f & e tank, with the circulating pump still operating, until the waste water runs clear.

Close the drain valve, and allow the system to refill completely, bleeding radiators where necessary.

SYSTEMSAFE-DM scale and corrosion inhibitor should be added to the system after the operation to prevent scaling and corrosion.

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Available in:


  • Cartons of 12x500ml (BPC007)
  • 10 litre drum (BPC008)
  • Original Formula

  • Cartons of 12x1 litres (BPC002)