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Power Flush Completion Certificates


Pad of 30 certificates.

Kamco power flushing certificates enable heating engineers to leave customers with a professional looking certificate of completion after the job has been finished.

They give reassurance to the householder that the work has been carried out thoroughly and leave them with information they need on what chemicals have been used, and which corrosion inhibitor was left in the system.

Building regulations, and boiler manufacturers now insist on the use of a Buildcert approved inhibitor. The certficate confirms that the heating engineer has complied with these requirements.

As boiler manufacturers extend the length of boiler warranties, it is probable that the extended boiler warranty will be conditional on system treatment, and an annual check that the heating system has sufficient inhibitor present.

Each certificate has an NCR paper copy left in the bound pad, so that engineers have an easy to retain record of the heating system details and when the work was carried out. A comments section has room for engineers to detail further work recommendations if design problems have led to the need for a power flush.

Price: £11.00 per pad of 30 certificates (+VAT/P&P)

Power Flush Completion Certificates