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A new little brother for the Kamco pump range:

Scalebreaker C20 descaling pump
In the last newsletter we announced the arrival of the Clearflow CF210 Titan, a power flushing pump for very large heating and cooling systems.  Now we’ve gone to the other extreme and added a purpose built small descaling pump to our range: the Scalebreaker C20.

This is a lightweight, 20 litre pump which can be carried in one hand. It can be used with any descaling chemical and makes short work of descaling combi boilers and water heaters. As with all our pumps, it has an integral flow reverser to send the flow in either direction to speed up the cleaning process.
Some of our C20 pumps are already in use in campsites in Southern France to keep the campers happy. Local hard water causes water heaters to scale up rapidly, leading to lukewarm water and grumpy campers. Now, when a heater is struggling, a quick descale with a C20 and Scalebreaker SR crystals brings it back to full efficiency in a couple of hours.  Click here to find out more.


We run regular training sessions covering the intricacies of power flushing. Each Kamco Clearflow pump comes with one free training place*, but we often have engineers coming in for refresher training, or to learn how to cope with power flushing the various odd systems found in the UK.

If you’d like a refresher course, or you have a new employee who you’d like brought up to speed fast, give us a call on 01727 875020.

(*Additional places are available for a small fee)

Click here for Training dates


CombiMag Dual

Now on the market is the CombiMag Dual, a combined power flush filter and heater, set in a convenient double cylinder unit. The Dual enables the large, high strength CombiMag magnet to remove sludge and debris from the water flow at the same time as you put heat into the system with the electric heater.

If the system boiler isn’t working, then the heat provided by the element boosts the reaction time of the flushing chemical, whilst the increased water temperature means that you can feel if the radiators are getting warm all over.

The CombiMag Dual comes in a plastic crate which doubles as a drip tray for the unit whilst in use.

Overseas news#1

There may be an awful lot of coffee in Brazil, but there’s also a lot of low quality water, and we now have Kamco CF40 pumps in action to descale boilers and cooling systems in Brazil.



What else can you do with your Clearflow pump?

Many Clearflow customers don’t realise that their power flushing pump is also a very competent descaling pump that can be used with strong acids.

Over the Summer months we have supplied a number of pumps for flushing fan coil units, the air conditioning units found in the ceiling space of many offices. Even the CF40 can clean a minimum of six fan coil units at a time, after isolating them from the normal heating/cooling flow and return, and the ability to flush the circuit with fresh clean water afterwards makes them perfect for the job.

So, if anyone asks if you can flush their fan coil units – you can!

Click the image below to see our guidance notes for using a Kamco pump to flush fan coil units.


Overseas news#2

We have our first order from Turkey, where the interest is in the ability of our pumps to handle strong descaling chemicals. Limescale and other hard water problems crop up in heating and cooling systems all over Turkey, where the water is extremely hard.

In one area, Pamukkale, the local water is so hard that the hard water deposits have formed ‘frozen’ waterfalls of solid limescale.  Click the picture below for a larger image.



DWTA corrosion inhibitor

Part L of the Building Regulations and BS7593 (the code of practice for cleaning heating systems) both instruct heating engineers to add corrosion inhibitor to a heating system after installing or working on it, but they stop short of guidance on selecting an inhibitor which actually works (not all do!).
Since 2006 there has been a performance standard that all good inhibitor manufacturers have put their products through, and that is the Buildcert/DWTA standard.

The standard was developed by the Domestic Water Treatment Association (DWTA), of which Fernox, Kamco, and Sentinel are founder members.

The companies were frustrated at the lack of any inhibitor Industry Standard, and hence decided to develop one so that installers could differentiate between good and indifferent inhibitors.
The Buildcert organisation later adopted and controlled the standard so that any inhibitor manufacturer with confidence in their product could put it through the same test procedure.
So if you want to be sure that you are using a competent and proven corrosion inhibitor, check that it has the DWTA / Buildcert logo on its label, as in this picture of Kamco Systemsafe DM inhibitor.


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