Kamco Power Flushing Newsletter:
March 2016
Don't forget to check the inhibitor concentration:
We have all seen how the guarantee on new boilers has been increased to as much as ten years, albeit with some conditions and small print.
No doubt the extended guarantees are a result of intense competition between the boiler manufacturers, but they are fast becoming aware of the downsides of offering such long guarantee periods. Modern high efficiency boilers have smaller waterways that are more easily affected by any debris in the system water, and boiler manufacturers are stressing that the long guarantee is conditional on the heating system being thoroughly cleaned when the new boiler is installed.

They are also concerned that the system water stays that way, and there is a drive from the boiler manufacturers to promote a check of corrosion inhibitor level when the annual boiler service is carried out, to ensure that the inhibitor level is high enough to prevent corrosion and the formation of boiler blocking debris.
Kamco and other water treatment manufacturers have been in discussions with the boiler companies to jointly promote an annual inhibitor check as part of best practice.
You can quickly check whether a heating system has the correct treatment of Systemsafe-DM, or Systemsafe-DM Concentrate, with the Systemsure water analysis test kit, which works with both Kamco inhibitors.
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If you’re thinking of coming in for training, or even for a refresher course, now is a good time.

We have re-vamped the training room heating system, and replaced the installed system boiler with a Vaillant combi boiler, in recognition that the heating market has changed since we first installed our training room.

Now more than 70% of new boilers are of the combi type, and installers are keen to find out how to ensure that they get systems really clean, and the way to do that is to power flush.  It’s no coincidence that British Standard BS7593 states that “power flushing is the most effective method of cleaning existing heating systems, especially those containing large quantities of corrosion debris.
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Kamco Power Flushing Completion Certificates
A reminder that we now supply professional looking pads of power flush completion certificates, so that engineers can leave a professional, well-documented record of their work with householders.

Each pad contains 30 certificates. The top copy is to leave with the householder, whilst a second carbon copy is retained in the pad, so that engineers have a record of their work (and details of the house heating system) in one place, ready to refer back to if necessary.
Cost is £10.00 + VAT for a pack of 30 certificates, a modest price for being able to present a professional image.
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...and the answer to the question ‘How long should my pump last?”
In the last issue of the Kamco email newsletter we mentioned that our service department can restore power flushing pumps to their original performance, as we have parts for all models that we have ever produced and supplied.
Last month, MVM Services (UK) Ltd put us to the test when they brought in their Clearflow CF30 for a service. On checking the serial number, we found that we supplied this particular CF30 in March 1996, and the pump was coming up to 20 years old!

The pump has now been serviced and sent back to the customer for another 20 years...maybe.
Given that the original cost of the machine back in 1995 was about the equivalent of one and a half power flushes today, that CF30 has paid for itself over and over again.
Obviously, the answer is ‘NO’, but you can get a very good idea of how badly it is fouled by using a Kamco laser infra-red thermometer.

By simply pointing at different areas of a radiator before flushing, and again after the flush, you can see where the problems are, and assess how well you have improved things – your ‘eye’ into the heating system, and a good sales aid to show your customers.

See the diagram below for an indication of how you can use the infra-red thermometer. Areas with a lot of corrosion debris will always be at a lower temperature, as the debris prevents hot water from reaching them.
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Despite the USA having a population five times greater than the UK, they probably have less than a fifth of the number of wet heating systems that we have, and so the power flushing market is much smaller than here.

They refer to their systems as ‘hydronic’, and have a much greater ratio of underfloor heating systems, whilst ‘baseboard’ systems are also quite popular.
But, they still have the same corrosion problems that we have, and we now have a distributor for our power flushing pumps in the USA.

Rhomar Water Management are a water treatment company who already sell flushing chemicals and corrosion inhibitors...and now they have Kamco power flushing pumps to deliver their chemicals.
All Kamco pumps are capable of handling strong chemicals, including acids, making them very useful for descaling.

A new market that we have found is that of marine and cruise ships. Most boats use huge amounts of water for cooling and they have a regular need to descale plant, including plate heat exchangers.

One of our Scalebreaker C90 pumps is currently making its way around the Caribbean on a cruise ship, where they find it very convenient to be able to quickly descale plate heat exchangers without taking them apart first  - a distinct benefit when their heat exchangers are fifty times the size of the heat exchanger found in a combi boiler.
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