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February 2013

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Our big news in this letter is quite literally BIG!

For many years we have supplied the CF190 power flushing pump for commercial work, but this month the CF190 has been superceded by the all new CF210 Titan.

The above picture shows the difference in size between the Titan and our two domestic pumps, the CF40 Evolution and the CF90 Quantum2.

The CF210 Titan has a 125 litre tank, 0.75 HP motor, 1” valves and hose end fittings, and can be used on systems up to sixty radiators. Unlike other large tank mounted pumps, the new Titan can be run dry without harm, which should ensure a long and profitable life. 200mm diameter wheels mean that you can get on site (and off again!) quickly and easily.

We’ve configured it so that it can still be used on domestic sized systems as well, and so with a CF210 Titan you’ve really got all bases covered.  
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Pump repairs

There is no regular service requirement or interval with Kamco pumps, but as some customers have done more than 1000 power flushes with their pumps, occasionally a service check over can be a good idea.

We offer a service and/or repair facility on all pumps, and it's very rare that we can't get pumps back to full performance again - though we did struggle recently with a CF230 which had been 'caressed' by a 28 tonne counterbalance fork lift truck!

CombiMag Twinset

We recently developed a twin cylinder CombiHeat heater unit for an application outside the heating field.

Having designed and built a prototype twin cylinder stand, the obvious next step is a combined CombiMag and CombiHeat unit to enable the CombiMag filter to keep snatching debris from the water flow whilst you're heating the system.

The COMBIMAG DUAL will be available soon and will come in a plastic crate, which doubles as a drip tray for the unit.

Overseas news#1

If you're enjoying the cold weather here, spare a thought for the staff at Zeppelin AG in Abovyan, Armenia where it's currently -14°C, and likely to get colder. At these sort of temperatures diesel fuel can start to experience waxing problems, and we recently shipped a consignment of Waxbreaker diesel fuel anti-freeze to Armenia to help them get through the winter.


Unusual applications

If you work on modern combination boilers you'll be very familiar with the stainless steel plate heat exchangers used to generate the hot water demanded.

You may even have used your Clearflow pump (all our pumps can handle descaling chemicals) to descale the domestic water side of the heat exchanger. Given the tiny water content of approximately 1/2 a litre or less, this could take less than five minutes.

Contrast this with the engineers at a Northern Ireland power station who now have one of our larger tank mounted pumps to descale slightly larger stainless steel plate heat exchangers of 700 litres water capacity - not the sort of thing you take into your local plumbers merchant for a service exchange.



Overseas news #2

We don't like to lose any of our customers, but if you should decide our weather is too awful for you and decide to emigrate to Australia, we can help - you can now get Kamco pumps and equipment in Southern Australia.

We now have a distributor supplying the Australian heating market. (Yes, there actually IS a market!)

In the more southern areas, underfloor heating is growing in popularity, and as you know from above, THAT does need flushing from time to time, and our Evolution and Quantum pumps are ideal for this.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a growing market in the UK, and works well with modern boilers and their low water return temperatures.

Whilst these systems may not have the same sludge and corrosion debris problems as radiator panel heating systems, we are finding that some underfloor systems suffer from organic contamination in the form of a slimy sludge, causing corrosion and blockages, particularly in the manifolds.

The ideal water operating temperature for a comfortable floor temperature is likely to be somewhere between 43 and 55oC, which is well within the temperature range at which bacteria and fungi thrive and breed, and this is the source of the organic debris.


In order to flush out this problem a special type of flushing chemical is required, such as Kamco Slimebreaker.

A one litre pack used in conjunction with your Clearflow pump is enough for most underfloor systems, and the diagram below shows the best method of connecting your power flushing pump into an underfloor system. (Click diagram to see larger image).

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