Kamco Power Flushing Newsletter:
April 2015
For years we have sent out every Clearflow pump with a waterproof green container to carry the hoses in (after all, WHO drains all the water out of every hose after every power flush?). We chose the round container because the Clearflow CF30 that we built for many years would sit inside the container as well, but our current models just don't fit, and so we have taken the opportunity to change over to a crate format with a flat top so that it is more 'van friendly'.
The new shape gives space for more than just hoses, and is a handy place to keep test equipment and other accessories.

And if you are wondering why we changed the shape of the tank of our pumps, it was done for a good reason. The new pumps have a square/round format, which means that they have a greater capacity and are much more stable in a van.
Response to our new Concentrate range of heating system water treatment chemicals has been excellent, not least because the 500ml packs save on weight and packaging. Inevitably, engineers have been asking if we could supply larger packs so that they can keep enough corrosion inhibitor in their vans for several jobs, or for larger houses.

We have now introduced new 2½ litre 'mini-multi' packs* of Systemsafe-DM Concentrate, which contain enough inhibitor to treat five average size houses and take up very little extra space in a van or on a shelf. (*Available April 2015)

The 2½ litre containers have a clear strip down the front marked in steps of 500ml, so engineers can accurately dose heating systems. Best of all, we save on packaging, and have passed that saving on to you, so that the cost per treatment is lower. The standard transport pack is 2 x 2½ litre containers of Systemsafe-DM Concentrate, although engineers calling in at the Kamco works can pick up single packs.

Systemsafe-DM Concentrate can be used in ANY system, with all metals, and gives complete protection against corrosion, sludge and scale formation, preventing internal pitting and galvanic corrosion, which lead to pin-hole corrosion and leaks.

Systemsafe-DM Concentrate is used at a ratio of 1:200, i.e. 500ml per 100 litres system capacity.
*** AVAILABLE APRIL 2015 *** - Click here to find out more
We have been selling power flushing pumps for more than twenty years, and have thousands of units out earning their owners good money. In support of our customers, we have a fully equipped service department and we stock spares for models going back more than twenty years.

Inevitably, pumps get much more use in the winter months and, as summer approaches, get dumped at the back of the garage until autumn arrives.

Over the years we have noticed a surge in pump servicing requests starting in September and, whilst we turn repairs around quickly, we do have to be fair to all, and carry out work in order of receipt.

This could mean that you may have to push a job back a few days, or even hire a pump. Our service guys like a nice orderly life and have suggested that we remind customers that it is a good idea to plan ahead and book your Clearflow pump in during the summer months for a reassurance and performance check.

We only replace parts that actually need replacing, and so it's an economic way to have the reassurance that when the power flush jobs come rolling in, you're 'good to go'.

You can either deliver pumps to us at our St Albans premises, or we can arrange for a courier to collect them from you on an arranged date (but you do need to pack the pump beforehand).

Call us on 01727 875020 to discuss your requirements.
We are often asked if we could supply pads of certificates so that engineers can leave a professional, well documented record of their work with householders. Manufacturers are increasingly asking householders for these to demonstrate that the heating system is being maintained.

We now have pads of 30 certificates available, with each certificate leaving a carbon copy in the pad, so that engineers have a record of their work (and details of the property's heating system) in one place, ready to refer back to if necessary.

Cost is £10.00 + VAT for a pad of 30 certificates.
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Our larger commercial power flushing pump, the Clearflow CF210 Titan, is proving more popular than we had anticipated, and this is a warning to check very carefully if you are offered one by someone selling over the internet.

If the price looks too good to be true - it usually is. We have heard of several cases recently where heating engineers have bought CF210s via online auction websites, believing they had found a terrific bargain; a brand new pump at significantly less than normal trade price (sometimes even half price!) They paid their money, only for the CF210 never to arrive. There are, of course, many reputable companies selling Kamco products online, but if you see a brand new Clearflow power flushing pump for sale on an auction site at a suspiciously low price then please be cautious.

If you have any concerns about an item you have seen for sale, please call us on 01727 875020 and we will do our best to help you.


The ¾" seals used in the brass hose adapters at the ends of our power flushing pump hoses are apparently rather hard to find in plumbers merchants, as are the brass hose ends, but if you need them, we always have them in stock.

Just call us on 01727 875020 to place an order.
Our first power flushing pump is heading to New Zealand, where they have a temperate climate and some very cold weather during their winter, which is fast approaching as our own disappears.
Other overseas destinations are a Scalebreaker descaling pump for use in Latvia, and a Clearflow pump for flushing commercial pipe work systems.
Flow Test: Circ Pump v Kamco CF90 Quantum2
It can be tempting to think that installing a compact magnetic filter in the return pipe work to the boiler is all that is necessary to clean and protect a system. However, as always in life, things really aren't that simple.

Whilst using a magnetic filter alone, and relying on the heating system's circulator pump seems tempting as a cheap and quick alternative to power flushing, it is simply no substitute when it comes to a thorough and effective system cleanse.

A good power flushing pump will have a much higher flow rate, generated by a large impeller, to give high flow and the force required to dislodge debris.

To demonstrate the difference in the flow of water produced by a system circulator pump and that of a Kamco power flushing pump, we set up a simple test in our car park.

As you can see from the photo, the flow generated by a Kamco power flushing pump (the hose on the right) is significantly stronger than that of the circulator pump (the hose on the left).
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