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WATER SOLUBLE OIL & GREASE DISPERSANT: an easy to apply solution for removing grease & oil from central heating systems.

Oil and grease contamination of heat transfer surfaces can drastically reduce efficiency and it is important to cleanse them quickly with minimum down time.

Traditional solvents for dissolving oils and greases tend to be hydrocarbons which are immiscible with water and therefore difficult to apply and use.

KAMSPERSE is a low foaming amphoteric surfactant for the removal of grease and oil contamination from cooling and heating systems.

KAMSPERSE is a low foaming surfactant product which enables contaminants to form a stable emulsion with water during normal operation of the system, dispersing the contamination throughout the system water for drain down and removal when convenient.

Kamsperse oil and grease dispersant


Application & usage:

KAMSPERSE may be added to a system via the feed tank of system after isolating the water supply and draining off the equivalent volume of water. Faster results will be obtained if KAMSPERSE is injected directly into the main flow of the system using an injector, such as the Kamco IK6.

Individual items of equipment, such as heat exchangers, may be cleaned faster and more effectively by using a CLEARFLOW tank mounted flushing pump to give forced circulation and agitation, with the ability to flush the contaminated water to waste with fresh water.

NOTE: If system has a primatic cylinder, this must be isolated before adding KAMSPERSE. If system has a thermal store sylinder, add extra KAMSPERSE to allow for the extra volume of primary water in the cylinder.

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Available in:

  • Cartons of 4x5 litres (BOD002)
  • 25 litre drum (BOD003)
  • Technical data:

  • Normal dosage rate: 0.2% (1 part in 500)
  • Increased dosage rate: 0.5% (1 part in 200) - may be used with more heavily contaminated equipment
  • Appearance: Pale straw
  • Odour: Slight
  • S.G. @20°C: 1.022
  • pH: 8-9
  • Boiling point: >100°C
  • Solubility: completely miscible with water
  • Toxicity: non-toxic, non-irritant, non-hazardous