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Hand-operated injector/sprayer

The SYSTEMSURE IK6 injector enables corrosion inhibitors, flushing chemicals and boiler noise silencing chemicals to be injected directly into the main flow of heating systems.

It injects liquid chemicals through the air bleed screws of radiators with no need to drain off any water, or even to locate the feed and expansion tank.

With no need to enter the loft space, the whole process can be carried out in less than five minutes.

The SYSTEMSURE IK6 injector is equally as effective when injecting chemicals into sealed systems, removing the need to repressurise a system after injection of chemicals.

It is supplied complete with two special nickel plated steel air bleed valve adapters for the most common radiator bleed valve sizes, and a 1/2" BSP threaded filling loop adaptor. This enables the IK6 to inject chemicals directly into a system through a standard filling loop, or into radiators through an upper 1/2" BSP plug when bleed screw threads are non standard.

By using the filling loop adaptor, flushing chemicals may be injected straight into the primary pipe work so that they will reach a partial blockage faster than if added via a radiator.

The IK6 has a 4 litre capacity tank, enabling it to be used to add chemicals to larger heating systems with one operation.

The Systemsure IK6 may also be used for spray application of chemicals. It is constructed of thermoplastic materials suited for use with a wide range of industrial chemicals, including acids, and may be used for cleaning, disinfecting and degreasing.

The IK6 sprayer/injector includes an adjustable nozzle, a spray lance incorporating easy action on / off valve and integral filter.

The see-through tank has a visible filling level scale, an external safety valve with red over-pressure indicator, and clip for the lance.

Systemsure IK6 injector

Click below to download the full data sheet/instructions (PDF)

Click here to download the full data sheet/instructions

Technical data:

  • Max pressure: 3 bar / 42 psi
  • Flow rate at 3 bar: 0.50 lt/min
  • Standard lance length: 0.58 metre (0.5 metre extension pieces are available for the lance, and may be coupled to give the required lance length.)
  • Useful capacity: 4 litres
  • Flexible hose length: 2 x 1.3 metres
  • Seal material: Viton
  • Weight: 1.75kg
  • Maintenance:

    Most frequent malfunctions and their solutions:
  • Avoid seals becoming dry by washing the unit after use.
  • If the spray nozzle becomes obstructed, clean with water jet or non-metallic probe.
  • If the filter becomes blocked, unscrew the handle, remove the filter from inside the handle, and clean.