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Low toxicity monopropylene glycol based antifreeze to BS6580, for heating and cooling systems, effective down to -32°C.

Incorporates corrosion inhibitors to give protection against corrosion of materials used in heating and cooling systems, including aluminium.

Heating and cooling systems exposed to low temperatures require protection against freezing of the water. Such systems include outside boiler houses, solar heating installations, roof top plant rooms and exposed pipe work systems, including those in the loft of well insulated houses.

Heating and cooling systems that may not be used during winter months should also be protected with antifreeze, and not drained down. It is impossible to completely empty a system, and a partially drained system is extremely susceptible to heavy oxidic corrosion, particularly of radiators, leading to sludge and corrosion problems once the system is returned to service.

FREEZBREAKER-LT is recommended for use with systems where there is a possibility of mixing of heating system water with potable, domestic water, such as happens when the coil in indirect hot water cylinders leaks.

Freezbreaker anti-freeze


Application & usage:

The quantity of FREEZBREAKER-LT required will depend on the degree of protection required, and the capacity of the heating or cooling system. The data above will give guidance.

As a guide, a domestic central heating system with ten radiators will typically have a water content of approximately 100 litres. Heating systems to be treated must have an indirect hot water cylinder, and not single feed 'Primatic' type cylinders.

CAUTION: If systems to be treated have sludge and corrosion problems, they must be properly flushed before application, preferably with a power flushing unit such as the Kamco CLEARFLOW.

Performance and dosage of FREEZBREAKER-LT

Protection down to -32°C. : 50% solution

Protection down to -17°C. : 33% solution

Protection down to -12°C. : 25% solution

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Available in:

  • Cartons of 4x5 litres (BFZ003)
  • 25 litre drum (BFZ004)
  • 200 litre drum (BFZ005)
  • Technical data:

  • Specific gravity at 15.5°C: 1.05
  • Refractive index: 1.43
  • Ash content: <0.15
  • Flash point (closed cup): 110°C
  • Water content (Karl Fischer wt): 4% max
  • pH of 50% solution: 7.5
  • Boiling point: 155°C min.
  • Hard water compatibility: passes all known OEM specifications